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Junior Golf Coaching

FAQ: Am I eligible to join the junior section?

If the junior is aged between 3 - 17 then they are allowed to join.  We have a group session every other Wednesday  between 5 - 6pm, please arrive in plenty of time so we can get everyone ready with clubs and walk to either the range or course together.

We run coaching sessions with me (the assistant professional) every other week ranging from putting, chipping, pitching, irons, woods and being on the course learning different formats of the game.  On the week I am not coaching, the juniors go onto the course or range to practice and really absorb the information we went over the previous week.  I still see them in the morning and set their task whether that's match play, medal, texas scramble or to practice whatever they feel their weakness is.  They usually have tee times booked every Saturday morning, normally around 8.45 to 9.45. This is the best way to conduct practice sessions and really allow them to learn and have fun on their own. The best practice after learning a new skill is to practice, have fun with it and experiment.

Children are supervised by our Level 1 Volunteer Coaches. Parents and guardians are welcome to walk around with their children as well. After a few sessions, it may be worth joining if you would like to make it a long term activity - juniors under are free, after that it's on £26 membership for the whole year - this gets them access to the course 24/7 (except during opens or other competitions) and free coaching sessions for the rest of the year.

Quick reasons to join the Junior Section
  • Coaching every other week, with tee times booked every week so they can also play and practice
  • Coaching sessions are £3 for visitors, free for members
  • Membership is free for under 11's and £26 for the next age bracket
  • We have a Facebook group and everyone is welcome to join and communicate through that.  Easier to see who is coming and ask questions that can be easily answered.
What do I do when I get to the Club?

You need to pop into the pro shop and make sure sure the professional staff know you're here and to tick yourself off the registration list on the junior section notice board, if you are new, we will add you to the list.  This is to ensure we know who is at the club and so everyone is accounted for.  Any questions, telephone 01404 44422, ext 2.

How do I get involved?

Call or email the pro shop to let us know you're interested in coming, we can confirm the date you wish to start.  Come into the pro shop first so we can introduce you to the professionals and volunteers who you will be with.  We will provide you with equipment if you need it.  To start with, you only really need a driver, 7 iron, wedge and putter.

Each week the professionals will let the juniors know what to expect for the following week so they can bring only what you need e.g. 7 iron/driver, unless you have a full bag, in which case, and if it's easy enough, bring everything along.

We do have some spare junior equipment in stock, just ask if you want to know what we have available.

How much does it cost?

It costs £3 for visitors, the first session is free and then £3 thereafter.  Junior members receive free coaching.

What system do we use with the Juniors?

We use the Golf Access system, this helps the juniors see their current progress and the route to the next level and how they are going to get their handicap.  It is a very clear system using wrist bands, ball markers and certificates that they keep and put on their wall.

We do coaching every other week and golf course access with volunteers so that they can practice what we have learned during the group lesson.  Once every 2/3 months we do a band assessment where all the practice throughout the months pays off and they try and get to the next level.


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